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Terms & Conditions


1.1   The Centre is managed by the Sport & Recreati­­on Services. Beau Sejour Centre is located at Amherst, St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands, GY1 2DL.


2.1   The decision to accept the application of a potential member shall be at the sole discretion of the Centre. The Centre reserves the right to verify, or require proof of all information given in order to obtain membership and any fraudulent or wrongful information given in order to obtain such   membership could result in the cancellation of all membership rights and lead to the repayment of all monies due to the Centre. If the membership application is accepted by the Centre, membership of the Centre by the applicant shall commence upon receipt of the date of this agreement. Upon acceptance of the member by the Centre, a membership card shall be issued by the Centre. The membership card remains the property of the Centre and entitles the holder to all the rights and privileges exercisable by the category of membership of the holder.

2.2   The acceptance of an application for membership of the Centre shall   constitute a legally binding agreement between the member and the Centre. The member hereby agrees also to be bound by the Regulations Applicable to All Users, a copy of which can be provided by asking at   Reception.

2.3   Annual and Direct Debit members have the right to cancel this   agreement by sending or taking a written notice of cancellation to the Centre, within ten days of signing this agreement. The Centre shall refund in full the first Direct Debit membership instalment or annual membership fee. In no other circumstances will fees be refunded by the Centre.

2.4   Membership numbers are issued to all current members and may only be used by the registered member and any fraudulent use of the membership card by the member could result in cancellation of the membership with no refund being made by the Centre. Lost or damaged membership cards can be replaced at the Centre, the first replacement card will not be chargeable, however any further replacement cards will be charged.


3.1   The member acknowledges that the Centre's obligations and liabilities in respect of the Centre are defined in this agreement and/or within the Regulations Applicable to All Users.

3.2   The member is responsible for the consequences of any use of any of the facilities of the Centre. The Centre will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss, damage, costs, expenses, theft or damage to property, whether arising under contract, or otherwise.


4.1    The Health Commitment Statement clearly outlines the commitment we have to you and you have to us, regarding your usage and enjoyment of the facilities at Beau Sejour Leisure Centre. The Health Commitment Statement is prominently displayed throughout the Centre and copies are available at Main reception.


5.1   A list of all of our membership packages are available at Reception on request.  The terms and conditions apply to all memberships and are subject to change.


6.1   All members are liable to pay all annual or monthly membership fees irrespective of actual usage of the Centre facilities.

6.2   Members may pay an annual amount for their membership.  This is not refundable, however can be transferred to another person.  The member would need to inform the Customer Relationship Advisors in writing, confirming this transaction.

6.3   Members may elect to pay their membership fees in monthly instalments (Direct Debit), advanced payment or monthly fees. Please note, a Direct Debit Mandate will only be accepted from a payer over the age of 18 years.

6.4  The Centre reserves the right to increase Membership fees on a yearly basis. If paying by Direct Debit, the contract is for a minimum of three months. Following the first three months and for every consecutive month thereafter, the Centre will continue to take monthly Direct Debit instalments unless written notice is received by the Centre requesting termination of the member's membership. Written notice of cancellation received by the 15th of any month will allow cancellation at the end of the same month. If received after the 15th the earliest cancellation available will be at the end of the following month and the Direct Debit collected for the following month will not be refundable.

6.5   A Direct Debit member may, at the discretion of the Centre, freeze their membership for a period of one month and up to a maximum of six months in any twelve month period.  An administration fee will be payable for each month that their membership is frozen and this fee will be taken from the member upfront.  Applications to freeze a membership must be made in writing and be received by a Customer Relationship Advisor at the Centre.  Any applications to freeze a membership which are received after the 14th will not be processed until the following month.

6.6   Arrears, members will be charged if they do not cancel their class booking 1 hour prior to the class starting. The member must pay off the amount within 14 days otherwise their account will be frozen.  Once payment has been received then the membership account will be reactivated.

6.7   If a member cancels their class within 1 hour of the class starting then attempts will be made to resale the space and if successful then arrears will not be created.

6.8   Full Freedom Plus Membership and Freedom Swim Membership can add an additional child. The child must be directly related to the member and/or living at the same address. Additional child is only valid when linked to a live adult membership, payment method (annual or direct debit) must be the same and the expiry date. If the adult membership expires the additional child membership will also expire. Overpayment may not be refundable.


7.1   The Centre may expel members or may terminate the membership of any member:

7.1.1 without notice and with immediate effect if the member's conduct, whether or not such conduct is the subject of a complaint by another member or group of members, is such that in the reasonable opinion of the Centre, it may be injurious to the character, name or interests of the Centre or is such that it renders the member unfit to associate with other members of the Centre.

7.1.2     By notice in writing if any part of the annual membership fee or monthly membership charge which is due and payable remains unpaid thirty days after the due date for payment.

7.2   Lapses in membership payment may incur an Administration charge.

7.3   A member whose membership is terminated by the Centre, shall forfeit all privileges of membership with immediate effect without an entitlement to any claim for any refund of their annual or monthly membership fee. On termination of their membership, the member shall return forthwith their membership card.


8.1   The Centre complies fully with the Data Protection Law 2017.  All data is processed in accordance with our Fair Processing Notice which is available at Reception and on our website.

8.2   To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) after twelve months of membership expiring your details will be deleted from our system.  This will also include your gym induction.  If you would like us to hold onto your details then please take out our free Freedom Booking card.


9.1   Information in relation to the Centre's normal hours of operation and the opening hours of the facilities are available from the Centre upon request. Such hours of operation may be lengthened or shortened at the absolute discretion of the Centre with or without any prior notice being given to members. However where such changes are considered to be material in length, the Centre shall endeavour to give reasonable notice whenever possible.

9.2   On occasions when necessary maintenance is required, the Centre, or parts thereof, may be closed, for which members will be given at least seven days prior notice of any such closure when possible. Any refund given as a result of closure will only be made at the sole discretion of the Head of Recreation Services.


10.1       This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Guernsey Law and the parties hereby agree to submit any disputes to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Guernsey Court of Law.

Last updated Thursday 3rd October 2019.